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Landlords Complaints | Page 4

Oakwood Cove / buying the home I live in.

Oakwood Cove on Jul 26, 2018

I purchased my home in 2015. It sounded like the best thing for my family. But after I signed the contract the floor fell in the master bedroom. The faucet in the kitchen is leaking needs a new one. I did not expect anything to happen as soon as I the contract. There was no walk through...

David Demarinis / room for rent granada hills ca

dee dee doveri on Jul 25, 2018

Room for rent posted on July 23 . Responded threw e mail. Mr David Demarinis email back... SEND PICTURE OF YOURSELF JOB my replay WHO ARE YOU think not I received a nasty threatening call from this man this morning !!! DID NOT GIVE ANY PHONEOUT. TOLD ME HEKNOWS WHERE I LIVE N WORK N WILL...

Enbridge Gas Distribution / bill for 6/5/2018 to 7/3/2018 - acct #[protected] 47 imperial crew bradford ontario

Irene fucher on Jul 10, 2018

Since we have been using enbridge the summer months I always used to pay less this year I got a Bill for 227.69, what the heck is this for. Furnace was always the same temp never higher. I want a explanation for this amount it's not right. We are both retired and are the only 2 people in...

Yes! Communities / timberlands trailer park

Disappointed205 on Jul 5, 2018

The landlord here lies to the tenants, makes up stories, talks over you, runs away possible tenants. She doesn't really enforce park rules. Lied to me about the number of homes available, told me she's keeping a mental note, and everytime I come back in she forgets that we ever spoke...

Kirkham Property Chadderton / kirkham property estate agents / landlords

LaurenD12 on Jun 30, 2018

I have never encountered an estate agents that are so rude, threatening and aggressive. They left me and 2 small children fearing for our safety when they left us on the street. They changed the locks, removed our possessions from the home by gving us less than 24 hours notice. We wasn't... / property conditions

Randy Masc on Jun 24, 2018

We have lived in Mission Estates for 2 yrs now. We moved from 1 unit to another 10 months ago. During the walk-through with management numerous items were listed for repair or replacement. 1 item was a dishwasher that had stagnant water and mold growing in it. My wife has respiratory...

Mauzy Properties Lakeville Minnesota / stinky rental

Frank wills on Jun 19, 2018

WOW where do we start. Very very very long story short, we moved into a home represented by Mauzy Properties that had previously been occupied by a hoarder. The owner of the property did not do a very good job of preparing the home despite it being vacant for about 6 months. Several...

Budget Suites of America / security and safety of all residents

Markshowtime on Jun 17, 2018

Budget Suites 4205 w Tropicana ave off Wynn Rd. Management overides. Bad background checks, manager James has allowed in people with active felony warrants allows drug dealer in 2090 whi is not even a registered tenant on the lease verbally assulted me, made a threat to kill me, and slash...

Yes! Communities / lost rent/ bullet holes... and the list goes on

AndreaFischer on Jun 12, 2018

I live in hidden falls of acworth... Where do I even begin...??? First of all, we had two bullets go thru our home when I was about 7 months pregnant, then it took them months to fix the holes and replace my cabinet!!! We had an ice storm in december and the trees are still in my yard!!!...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / credit card payments

Clifford Herbstman on Jun 11, 2018

My main account number is [protected]. I have other accounts and I have a Southwest Visa card. I charge items on the Visa card for different companies I own. This month there are two charges to be paid by those companies. One is for about $600 (Visionworks, if you are looking) and the other...

NYC Housing Authority [NYCHA] / kitchen sink overflows daily causing flooding

MsAlpha2 on Jun 5, 2018

I have made repeated complaints about my kitchen sink over flowing . When I am not at home I come home and my kitchen sink has over flowed with water causing flooding on the kitchen floor and running into the bedroom. I have put in several repair orders only to be told that the problem i...

$700.00 Room for Rent Post ID: 6591085121 / severe discrimination in renting

Diane Broshears on May 30, 2018

$700.00 Room for Rent Post ID: 6591085121On May 30.2018 at 1:45pm I called Andrea regarding a room for rent. I am retired, elderly, disabled and this woman very angrily told me that she would in no way consider renting to me as I am retired with a constant income Social Security, elderly and disabled because of her past...

Morgan Properties / rental payments

Resident12 on May 21, 2018

I moved my 3 children and I to the princeton estates location in february 2018, so we've been here for about 3 months. I recently lost my job and was unable to pay rent for the month of may 2018. Since the month started and they haven't received any payment as of yet my children and I have...

NYC Housing Authority [NYCHA] / ignored repairs

Dee Bran on May 17, 2018

NYC Housing Authority [NYCHA]My bathroom ceiling fell into my bathtub on 5/15/2018. I have had the leak in my bathroom ceiling since november 2017. The maintenance just looked at it and said a plumber was needed. I kept putting in tickets and they kept coming until they got tired of me. They cut a hole in the ceiling...

Regus Group / security deposit for rental space not returned

Arun Shah on May 15, 2018

We leased two office rooms from Regus at 100 S Bedford in Mount Kisco for 6 months. A contract was signed, and in addition to the first month's rent, we paid them $4, 200 as a 'service retainer' to be returned at the end of the lease. We paid them on time, without fail, and provided a 3...

Canada Post / delivery person

harmien on May 11, 2018

In a condo- or apartment building, is the carrier delivering mail to boxes in a locked mail room, allowed to take 'in-house' notices from landlord/manager and put them in all (107) mailboxes in that mail room? I thought it was only Canada Post who can deliver flyers to those individual...

Regus Group / automatic renewal of lease

Chris Yao on May 8, 2018

I'm very disappointed with Regus Automatic Renewal of Lease. My current lease will be expired on 7/31. I got an email saying the last day to stop renew the next year's agreement is 5/1. I missed the date but went to the office site on 5/2 trying to cancel the automatic renewal of lease. Of...

Yes! Communities / customer service/ sewer & water bill

Yolanda R Ramirez on May 5, 2018

I am a resident here at Yes Communities (Misty Winds). I have lived here since Sept 2015. I have had problem with high water bills since then . I live alone and my sewer & water bill is the same as a family of four! When I went to the office on Thursday 5/2/18. They told me I was being...

Pink Houses Suck / bad condition in home

Alexis2112 on May 1, 2018

I have children these floors are cracked we get cut we need paint and plaster for he water from upstairs leaks down the kitchen is horrible from the slop room roaches water bugs from basement it's ridiculous and I know of a few other residents with same to worse conditions. Then to...

Yes! Communities / mountain gate community phoenix, az

Gina06 on Apr 25, 2018

We use to be tenants in one of your mobile homes at Mountain Gate of Phoenix, Az. We were informed that we would be receiving our security deposit 6 weeks after we moved out. And this was back on 02/28/2018. It has been passed that time frame and we have been trying to get ahold of someone...