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PurePlay / site is down without warning

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I, and a fellow player, are unable to log into the PurePlay site. It's just down & doesn't load. We both have $$ in our accounts & are wondering if anyone else knows what is going on? I mean, isn't that fraud- to just steal your $$ and close down the site?

We haven't been able to get any answers- emails bounce back- I don't know what to do.
At the very least, the site needs to be held liable & owes every member what they have either paid in or earned while playing.

And what about our "lifetime membership"?!

Something is wrong, and needs to be made right.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

Jan 27, 2019
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  • Na
      28th of Jan, 2019
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    I just notified my credit card. They are going to deny the Dec 2018 charge from PurePlay, and "get in touch with them. Pureplay has 30 days to reply. I let my credit card know that when I call the phone number for Pureplay, I get some kind of "chat room" for men and women. Yep, I went on line and tried calling the owner's number of PurePlay, Mr. Allard. Got a recording "user is not available". I called another customer service line and no response. I sent an email to support at pureplay, no response. Now, the credit card company hopefully will get Pureplay's attention to my account. and stop billing me. If they attempt to bill me again in Feb, I will dispute that charge too. Maybe, by that time Bank of America will have talked to Pureplay. You need to do the same thing that I did. Protect yourself people! I will never play online poker again because of the scam Pureplay has made.

  • Jl
      29th of Jan, 2019
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    Pure play has had bad customer service for several years now. I imagine they also treat their employees badly and that one or more of their programmers have retaliated by sabotaging their website. Just my guess as to why the sudden disappearance.
    I doubt the company wanted this to happen.

  • Al
      31st of Jan, 2019
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    @Jlief lol didn't want this to happen...they are the reason it happened, they owe rize winnings for every month since at least the math, its over a quarter million...I want them to come back as much as anyone(they owe me almost a grand & I had free membership till oct 2019)but they are not coming back and anyone who thinks different is dreaming...if it was anything else they would send a group email letting their members know in order not to lose their customer base...they would not shut down every means of advice to players club members is cancel all rock you payments immediately because I guarantee they will keep whacking your 25 buks as long as they can

  • Ja
      30th of Jan, 2019
    +1 Votes

    I also am trying to find out info. Money is owed to me as well

  • Jo
      2nd of Feb, 2019
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    @Jacqueline Enriquez I'm starting to think they are done as difficult is it to send a mass email to all active Pureplay players (members or not)? I'm sure Zendesk has some clue as to who the daily or weekly players were, and an email blast to those regular players is as simple as making cereal ! Makes sense to me. Totally removing all contact or ignoring us for this long is not the professional / respectful thing to do. As a side note: Anyone know of any poker site similar to the way Pureplay was run? I like the free play and the option to pay monthly for the chance of winning larger cash prizes; but not sure if this ultimately caused Pureplay's demise / bankrupt / broke, and could no longer sustain player's winnings. Any suggestions on an on-line Poker Holdem / Omaha alternative would be appreciated. I think many regular Pureplay players would like to know of an alternative site, so that we can get back to playing each other again. Hoping this gets resolved real soon. Ringo247.

  • Wa
      6th of Feb, 2019
    0 Votes

    @John Campbell try global poker. com you can cash out you winings via pay pal ...

  • Ju
      2nd of Feb, 2019
    0 Votes

    The site is toast. They deducted a membership fee from me yesterday and owe me $275, not huge but enough to pursue. Have put in a BBB complaint and will fight the last charge. This kind of business ethic is disgusting. Trying WPT free trial but have lost faith in poker sites, so 2 weeks and out if I see any problems. It has been fun playing with you all, pass on any info you get. and good luck to you all!

  • Bi
      4th of Feb, 2019
    0 Votes

    they robbed you ha ha i did it because u [censored] keep turning my chat off who get lastlaugh me

  • An
      9th of Feb, 2019
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    They owe me over $600 and concerned they have my SS#, ID and tax W9. :(

  • Tr
      11th of Feb, 2019
    +1 Votes

    I just wanted to let everyone involved that I am trying to start a class action suit. I don't know if this will get any where, but it is worth a shot. I will post here if the law firm will take on this case. I am out over $1000 and there are plenty out with far more. To mention also they have all our personal information and that's scary.
    My screen name was TR Phil

  • Ju
      12th of Feb, 2019
    0 Votes

    Please keep is informed TR Phil!

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