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Waterdrip Capital / I don't recommend it

SueWangLee on Feb 13, 2019

So let's see what we have here. Waterdrip Capital invests in innovation projects in the blockchain field. Their team is not big and I think they need to enlarge it if they think about becoming more successful. Well, maybe it's enough for them, who knows... But there's another interesting...

Virgil Capital / / Everything is as usual

Christine Robby on Feb 13, 2019

Virgil Capital is an investment firm. And yes, it shouldn't be confused with Virgil Company from San Francisco - another investment firm with the same name. I know I know, these guys chose the same name for their projects without checking anything first. So how is it trustworthy? Is it...

Topcode Capital / nothing to do here

MariaUlka on Feb 13, 2019

Do you think it's ok when a financial company uses a website constructor that's supposed to be used by people with other goals? Don't you think that using services like these may ruin the reputation of these companies? Don't you think that if they deal with money, then it's the right tie...

Tapas Capital / not sure they're worth it

Vanessa Worter on Feb 13, 2019

Tapas Capital official website contains a logo only. So I had to use different services to find something out. 1. states the website was created more than 378 days ago. I guess, they had a whole year for everything like starting the project, get the money and run away. 2...

Prime Block Capital / you're warned now

Alison Broydey on Feb 13, 2019

Prime Block Capital is a blockchain and cryptocurrency investment fund and they never were ready for dealing with clients. Any time I visited their website, it was always the same with a logotype and an email, and that was all it contained. I tried to find something out about it from...

Perseverance Capital Management / hard to believe

Emery Wilkins on Feb 13, 2019

Perseverance capital management is an asset management firm that probably has something to hide. At least, that's what I see when looking at their website with one and only page. This page contains a short introduction, a logo, an email, and four cities mentioning. Los angeles, seattle, san...

Nuevalue Capital / something doesn't add up

E. W. us on Feb 13, 2019

These people state they have invested $40 million in over 60 companies since 2013. I wonder how much truth there is in these claims. The website was created 300 days ago, in 2018. I don't know maybe it was a different company with a different name, or maybe they didn't have a website (I doubt...

Bertelsmann Asia Investments / BaiFund / glitchy website

Linda Walters on Feb 13, 2019

I'm here to tell you how trustworthy the companies are. Bertelsmann Asia Investments don't seem to be scammers. I looked through their website and can say they did everything to look legit. The website is well structured and everything is clear. The team is big and well introduced. And, among...

Michael Yang Capital Management / just strange...

Linda Hammond on Feb 12, 2019

Sometimes it seems that there is an endless number of companies that provide asset management services and make investments. I check it every day and every day I find something new. Today it's Michael Yang Capital Management that's based in Flintridge, CA and run by its founder Michael...

Lux Capital / trust but verify

Emma Barrille on Feb 12, 2019

Well, at least they have nothing to hide. I mean that even if they are risky, these guys provided some information that can be useful for potential clients. They have two branches: in Menlo Park, CA and New York. The team is big and well-introduced. Looking at them I don't want to...

Lightbulb Capital / always be careful even if it seems there's nothing wrong

Richard Feirn on Feb 12, 2019

Lightbulb Capital is active. It's the first question I always ask if I want to know something about firms like this. Is this still active? Is it worth wasting time looking through their website? I can't say they did everything right when creating their website. It doesn't look well-structured, even...

JXJuxiu Capital / / why would anyone want to deal with them...

grammy76king on Feb 12, 2019

I suppose it's a Chinese project. Just judging by the language, no one mentioned where they are located. They could have done it though. Not sure it was that hard to do. The team page cannot be translated as it's one big picture, that's why I cannot form an opinion about them. Oh, a lack of...

Impact Venture Capital / fix everything for a start

David Bleeze on Feb 12, 2019

There's one fact that may ruin absolutely everything including their reputation if it exists. If a website has pages with 404 errors, it means that no one cares about it. It means there is no person who would look after it. It means there are no updates and nothing new. It means then you have...

21M Capital (formerly / there's one strange fact

Arthur Mickey on Feb 12, 2019

Actually, I wanted to write a review about, but then I visited their website and noticed that they changed the name. Now it's 21M Capital. What happened to, their history is silent. Just interesting why they decided to change the name. I guess it's a...

Hone Capital / review

Chris Hatch on Feb 12, 2019

Hone Capital is a part of CSC Group, it's according to them one of the most successful private equity and venture capital firms in China. Hone Capital is their American subsidiary. The team is big, looks like most of them came from CSC Group. The portfolio is huge and it has to be like that...

HOF Capital Management / could be better

Daniel Rawlie on Feb 12, 2019

So what is HOF Capital Management about? It's an investment company. How trustworthy is it? You know, I see nothing terrible on their website, nothing that would make me ask: why didn't they mention this information? Of course, they could have provided much more. It's up to them. However...

Hex Capital / i don't understand them

Alby Kirkham on Feb 12, 2019

Another company that was not created for a long time. And there's nothing special to say. But to my surprise, they are still active, judging by their Twitter profile. So here's the question: why do they need this website if it's useless anyway? Just for illustration? But what does it...

H.E. Capital / doesn't look reliable

RagDoll on Feb 12, 2019

Has this company always been so uninformative? Looks like it's true. I don't know why someone would use them for making investments. Really. They have always been absolutely useless. The internet remembers everything. This firm is pretty old and I didn't notice that one day they had...

Green Pine Capital Partners / could have tried harder

Colin Edwards on Feb 12, 2019

Let's see how reliable they are. It's always nice to know what company you can trust. Green Pine Capital Partners is a China-based investment firm stating that it was founded in 2000. In 2007 they started investing. Green Pine Capital Partners is headquartered in Shenzhen, with branches in...

Great Voyage Capital / GV Capital / at your own risk

Gwen L on Feb 12, 2019

I found this project on the list of companies investing in crypto. So it's a good reason to review it. And, unfortunately, there's not much to review. Even though it's not mentioned, I would venture to guess that they are from China. However, they didn't provide their exact address. Who...