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Mobicell R1 / complaint

Charmaine Lackay on Feb 12, 2019

Ibought my phone in 2018 at Ackermans. Im so dissapointed in Mobicell. The phone is in good condition. My phone is charging as it should be. My phone is making funny movements and its swith on by itself when I have put it off as it dials numbers without me knowing about it. This phone I...

Costway / order#[protected]

Edwin C Gonzalez R on Feb 12, 2019

I ordered a pink playpen crib with Costway online and they never sent me the shipping tracking number! This is some straight up [censored] that they have such [censored]ed up customer service that they don't even have a phone number to call them at companies like that shouldn't even excist no...

Gaorong Venture Capital / take this into account

Yarta Verrber on Feb 11, 2019

The biggest disadvantage of Asia-based venture capitals is that they rarely provide a translation option for their potential clients. Certainly, they may not be focused on other countries, but it doesn't change anything. Gaorong Venture Capital is one of those companies in Asia that ignored thi...

Dragon Capital Group / not bad, not perfect, but not terrible

Paul Hunter on Feb 11, 2019

Dragon Capital Group is an old investment company that invests in different spheres. That's why I doubt they may deceive people. I guess they have some kind of reputation. I am here not to give you a positive review of it, let's say it's just an independent review from someone who wishes you...

DLT Capital / I am a fly in the ointment

Larry Clarke on Feb 11, 2019

On the one hand, a fact this project is from Germany is a little encouraging because Germany is not a high-risk country. But maybe there are some things that may bug you? Let's see. I looked through the whole website and didn't find anything terrible I would want to talk about. They...

Discovery Capital / how trustworthy are they?

dylan45 on Feb 11, 2019

Discovery Capital manages venture capital investments in the areas of information technology, communications and others. I first saw this project on one of the websites about crypto investments and was pretty interested to find out what it is about. Well, it seems that dealing with crypto i...

Cota Capital / I wanted to say a couple of nice words, but changed my mind

Monica on Feb 11, 2019

I've seen this company several times when was looking for investment projects investing in crypto. So I decided to review and see how trustworthy they are. I usually use several criteria to understand it. Well, one of the most important criteria is their team. It's big. The website i...

Cm Crypto Capital [CMCC] / I don't recommend it

Johny Hampshire on Feb 11, 2019

CMCC Global is one of Asia's first venture capital funds focused solely on blockchain investments. This is their statement. But I doubt that they are the first ones, especially, if there are no specifics where exactly in Asia they have an office. It's too presumptuous to say so. There are...

Pick n Pay / long queues at tills at pnp, paarl mall branch

Jenny Moore on Feb 11, 2019

Yet again we stood in a long queue at Pick n Pay, Paarl Mall branch this Monday, morning 11th February 2019. A young mother with a tiny baby called the manager over querying this and I overheard him say that there was a shortage of till operators due to absenteeism. Well I have heard that...

Direct Axis / spam

xtr on Feb 11, 2019

The company keeps sending spam to me either by sms or email. Please can someone stop this pest of a company and either penalize it or stop it from its irritating practice. I dont want to be bothered by this company - I dont want any service from them I have never asked for any correspondence...

Neteller / varification service

vishK on Feb 8, 2019

Hi team, My account ([protected]) is disabled from last week, I am submitting verification documents one by one which is always declined by several reason, Document which have submitted... Uid-adhar card - india most strong document for identity proof and address proof, Credit card -... / filed a ccj against them but still no refund!

Robin Jones 1982 on Feb 8, 2019

Filed a CCJ against them but still no refund! They took money from me without making it clear that it was a recurring payment. I took them to court. I won the court case on the basis the judge agreed it was an "unfair contract" (The cancellation process involves logging into your user...

Salus Alpha Capital / just a review

Patrick Stelly on Feb 8, 2019

Salus Alpha is a fund that invests in traditional bonds and equity + top crypto, that's what I'm very interested in and that's why I decided to look through their website and additionally check its reputation on the internet. After all, a website is the best way to represent your busine... / nothing special

DanScott on Feb 8, 2019

Unfortunately, I have no idea what their full name is. The point is that they didn't really bother to provide as much information as possible despite a fact the company was founded in 2014 and they had a lot of time to do everything right. Why am I talking about it? Well, I found thi...

ASBV China / be careful

Gerry Gilbert on Feb 8, 2019

I think these guys did a very silly thing: they forgot to translate their website. Maybe it's for Chinese people only, who knows, but hey, what if people from other countries want to deal with ASBV China as well? I think it's a disadvantage. I found investments criteria instead. A very rare...

Espeed Capital / shady

boris langenkamp on Feb 8, 2019

I can tell you right now there's something wrong. These guys are supposed to invest in the future of digital assets, but instead of this they just put a picture on their website and prefer to stay aside. That's why it's hard to form an opinion, especially, if there are no screenshots. No wonder...

SkyChee Ventures / suspicious

Clark Mccarthy on Feb 8, 2019

Let's sort out the details about them with no extra words. 1. The company is located in Santa Clara, CA in 2017 2. The team is not big and is not huge at the same time. The bios are short, some of them are clear, some are not. 3. I didn't find any ways to contact them from distance. I only...

Ten8 / They should think about it

Jim coen67 on Feb 8, 2019

Oh I see these things again! Looking at this website I didn't know they would make the same mistakes as their colleagues from similar projects. Everything is as usual. The website is well designed, nothing to complain about. Some things are good, the team is big, but what's wrong with the...

Space Whale Capital / Has anyone dealt with this company?

Rachael A. on Feb 8, 2019

Unfortunately, it's very hard to find information about them on the internet, that's why I want to hear people's opinion. I checked how old this website is and it turned out it was almost 400 days old. I didn't find its previous version dated in 2017, but there are...

JUN Capital Partners / no one paid attention to this and it's strange

Gerard Colles on Feb 8, 2019

To me they are somewhere in the middle. If you have a different opinion or a different experience, please, share it, don't hesitate. Ok, I will only tell you what I don't really like and it's not a truth of the highest instance. You always can confirm or deny these claims. So there is not...