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Blogtalk Rasdio / unethical and fraudulent services blogtalk radio

Jamela Franklin on Jan 10, 2019

Well, where should I begin? I have had my blogtalk radio show higher consciousness since october the beginning, the support staff was very helpful and accessible. I even received a telephone call from one of the staff members regarding one of my concerns. However, in the past 2...

Time Magazine / never subscribed for these magazines

Michelle d Eze on Jan 8, 2019

3 magazines..please refund moneys 112.00$ 12/28/2018 tme*n8023w*hrpsbazr country code: us - united states original account number: ********3625 currency: us dollar (usd) merchant: continuity/subscription merchants merchant information: tme*n8023w*hrpsbazr [protected] ny 10281 transaction date...

Yahoo! / when I respond to articles my comment is deleted?

gary verardi on Jan 1, 2019

I respond to some political articles/responses made by other people in relation to the article. When I do so my response is deleted, why. I never get nasty oruse words unacceptable, so why is this happening. I read an article about the closing of the government and that Trump rejected the...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / 7 cricket coverage

Michael Bennett on Dec 29, 2018

Your adds said every test match every one day and every big bash game live and free to air well you lied 7 and you soon pulled that pro mo thete were no one days and there seems to be no big bash in perth over the weekend well im a tv watcher and ill repay you by tuning out in 2019 i won... / your biased and hateful reporting on president trump all the time

Maureen Cutolo on Dec 28, 2018

It is too, too much obvious and non-stop biased reporting against President Trump!Can he do anything right? You pick on every little detail and magnify it out of proportions. You pick on his wife. his sons, and everything you can exploit for political reasons. Are you a propaganda machine...

Yahoo! / bias news reporting and unvetted articles by obscure sources...

Nicholas Stanton on Dec 27, 2018

this is the most bias based collection of hate oriented "news" by obscure bylines and ludicrous celebrity trash talkers on the internet...I realize we all have choices but I just wanted to at least make a statement as I cannot just drop Yahoo without reworking my entire contact list and...

Pinterest / deactivation of my account

rosanna thurmond on Dec 20, 2018

account deleted on 12-19-2018 for unusual activity and spamming. What does that mean? I have saved house ideas for my daughter whose house is being torn down due to hurricane Harvey and a few recipes. is that suspicious? I am 73 and wouldn't know how to spam if my life depended on it. I...

Yahoo! / biased news feed

tony fox on Dec 20, 2018

Your coverage of the brexit situation is very biased and I feel it is unfair to the people in our country who were the majority in wanting to leave the eu. You are interfering in uk politics where you have no place. Its bad enough that the bbc are biased towards undermining the democratic...

All television shows/ commercials/ Radio stations / shows/ commercials/ radio stations

Gyrlstout on Dec 19, 2018

Why much every show on television have some content about men or women cheating on their spouses? Why does the swing commerical have to be so perverse and leading towards sex? Do you not get the fact with the metoo movement, sexual harassment, the hate and violence in this country is out...

Netflix / show ratings of tv-ma

Aspencer12 on Dec 19, 2018

I love Netflix and how many Netflix Originals there are, but I hate that so many are TV-MA. It's like every show geared towards adults has to be MA. I'm an adult but I have no interest in watching that kind of content. I've heard many others say the same thing. I feel it's worst in...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / about company pall mall

Abdullah barakat on Dec 18, 2018

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyHi good evening, I want know some thing about that company if not true that please let me know ?!! I always smoke shesterfild sigarte .I stay in Kuwait when I go supermarket to buy sigarte, some one from the company PALL MALL he told me bring 5 packet empty and take one packet free, when...

Fox TV / sheppard smith

MrBarney on Dec 14, 2018

I have Fox News on day and night. I leave it on in my office and place of business and at home at night, all the time. If I am out, I tape shows Like Tucker, Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Jesse, Judge J, and G Gutfeld. Today, I watched Sheppard Smith cut of Katherine Harris while he went on a...

Yahoo! / yahoo home page

Larry G Pittman on Dec 12, 2018

Love the home page! However, for a while now, the slide show near the top of the page is not working as it should. After "some" slides, the arrow is on the right to go to the next series of stories/photos. Every day now, the arrow on the right will send the show back several frames instead...

Careem Networks / adma block

mudassar1996 on Dec 7, 2018

hello careem sir my captain id of this number [protected] running without my permission 6 month ago and anyone hack my careem captain id when careem apologise about our data is hacked i go to careem head office DHA lahore the coustmer told me after 3 days your account has been activated...

The Weather Channel / local weather not available for 5 days.

DebPhillips on Dec 9, 2018

With today's technology, why hasn't someone fixed the problem you are apparently having! 5 days and you are still showing old weather (red button) information! Many people that do not have internet access depend on this information. I was sent an email to edit my complaint. It is now 8...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / asat / dstv company cape accredited

A & JD Els on Dec 6, 2018

MultiChoice Africa / DSTVGood day I would like to report fraud that happend to us. I placed my story on Hello peter ons 17 nov woth no response phoned the company on a daily basis and spoke to a mark with just excuses for answers we even contacted dstv fraud line and they said they are goin to investigate it but...

Netflix / search results

Greenvision4realz on Nov 29, 2018

Hi I am studying to work in mental health as a support person and am almost completed my studies . What I have learned is that there is a lot of stigma around mental illness and it effects the lives of the people suffering the illness and their families . Just to see I typed in...

Kelsey Deyer / fake news reporter

Lucas Romane on Nov 28, 2018

Kelsey Deyer the fake news reporter is a hypocrite who writes about other people's insignificant actions and doesn't write about her own red light camera and speeding tickets; Kelsey Deyer is a fake news reporter who should have all her fake news content removed by CTV Edmonton. Her main...

Yahoo! / yahoo buzz 2018

Shell Ng on Nov 27, 2018

有關Yahoo Buzz 投票 發現了非常異常嘅票數。 馬德鍾先生的票數出現異常增長: 27/11 22:05 票數20683 27/11 23:05 票數 36232 28/11 00:05 票數 53657 今天 27/11 22:05 時,馬德鐘 是20683 票,只是一小時到23:05 他的票數已升至 36232 , 一個小時內升幅太不正常。 如根據過往記錄馬先生的每小時票數絕對沒有那麼多, 他一直都是徘徊數千票,每天增長也只是幾百票。 即使他於27/11 晚上10:05 的兩萬多票也只是由今天晚上10時才開始,之前一直都是數千票的。 而一小時後的 28/11 0:05 ,票數再一次異常增長至53657, 反幅不正常! 敬請Yahoo!盡快正視問題,馬上調查, 及扣回不當票數。

Jane Michaels and Jane Mikhaylovsky Thank you and Realty Animation Not happy with you / animation, marketing, video, commercial, professional, business

Keralazone on Nov 22, 2018

I recenlty hire realty animatation to do some video animation and boy they screwed up the job. First they ask me 1000 dollar up front which I agreed to. But I said I will pay 25% advance and than depending on the work stage which is industry standard by the way. They said yes after saying me...