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Fast Food Restaurants Complaints

Domino's Pizza / issue still unresolved

JuliaHannaford on Feb 18, 2019

I would like to ask why I haven't received any responses from anyone regarding a complaint I put in on January 26th? We ordered in pizzas as a treat and were very disappointed. For the money paid, the pizzas were much smaller than the last time we had them, less toppings and cold. We asked...

McDonalds / false advertising

King_of_Words on Feb 18, 2019

I know this is not a big deal, but they started a campaign in Canada for a two dollar special menu and some items actually cost more. Is not the money, you would think a multi national firm would live up to their reputation, they denied this when I complained even I took a photo of the...

GrubHub/Taco Bell / service and product

Kilika on Feb 18, 2019

I will be disputing the charge for this order. I will *not* be using GrubHub again. The order was placed approx. 6:45pm. Delivery was scheduled to arrive between 7:25pm and 7:35p. It arrived at 8:40pm - more than an hour late. The driver, while courteous, apologized saying, "…. due to the...

Red Lobster Hospitality / staff and food

jamespercy on Feb 17, 2019

02/18/2019 tried red lobster in international drive orlando florida near convention centre. Wow waited 35 minutes until server came back to us on her 3rd visit to the table she said sorry i forgot you. Ordered our meals and soup came out very nice and before we finished the soup the main...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / buffet

Hiers on Feb 17, 2019

The problem I have with this KFC is the buffet is always empty. I have been in there several times I keep saying I'm not going back, however, I always give it one more chance however today I went in about 2:30 ish the buffet was it look terrible there was nothing there old dishes that...

Burger King / chicken tenders, two whoppers and spicy chicken sandwich

Jay Po on Feb 17, 2019

I went through the drive through last night and the four items I purchased were so old and cold! The chicken for tenders and sandwich were so old you couldn't even bite through them!!! The chicken was unrecognizable. As for the whoppers they were iced cold. I am extremely disappointed...

McDonald's / everything

Emoboy999 on Feb 16, 2019

The bathrooms are dirty the food is greasy the people have no people skills the food you wait an hour for is burnt or not cooked at all I had to get four burgers before I got a cooked burger and half the time you get someone else's order this going to the McDonald's in croswell so make it...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / unethical behavior, poor customer service, lies, rudeness

Ampdx on Feb 16, 2019

I went and ordered a number 12 which consisted of a Popcorn Nuggets Combo: Wedges & Medium Drink. I ended up getting the potato wedges, a biscuit and cole slaw but NO chicken. So I went back and told them that I didn't get what I ordered, I got NO chicken. The girl at the microphone...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / poor quality of product

Jaco Benade on Feb 16, 2019

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]Bought a Zinger box meal from KFC Albany Road, Port Elizabetbh and shocked at the quality of the item i received for the amount i paid..This is not the 1st time but probably more like 6th time of poor quality.. So i am really starting to think i should stop supporting KFC and advise my...

Taco Bell / your power menu burrito

Vivian Tauscher on Feb 15, 2019

I went to your Taco Bell for your Power Menu Burrito with chicken today and what a waste of money!! I ordered 2 of them and paid $12.00 for these. The only thing that was in them was lettuce and sour cream! That was it!! No chicken at all. That was the all time worst burrito I have ever...

Burger King / restroom and order

Clifford Burks on Feb 14, 2019

After giving my order away, took trip to men restroom unbelievable the condition, urine on floor, towel dispenser not functional. Slime all over it. Should have called the health department. Can't believe anyone inspects. No more ordering at this 🍔 👑 😱 I had been a frequent customer for...

McDonald's / filthy bathroom

Addison2011 on Feb 13, 2019

McDonald'sI've been inside this McDonald's numerous times, each time it's been dirty. The toilet paper is very rarely in the dispenser, if there is any. It's usually on the floor, which has urine all over it When you tell the girls behind the counter they ignore your request. The manager is no...

Burger King / incorrect order and overcharged

Newman Logan on Feb 13, 2019

I ordered a double quarter pounder King sandwich, I was charged $10.35 at the 48th and Holdredge location. But yet I got a single quarter pounder that was cold, the Dr. Pepper was flat and and the employee at the window wasn't friendly and seemed to not care at all. Really frustrating that...

McDonald's / ask to move my car while I was eating

Colleen Anderson on Feb 12, 2019

First I was asked to leave the play area due to someone's child getting sick. I just found a table to finish eating and then I was asked to move my car because the delivery truck was there. I was parked in the handicap spot and had my handicap plaque up. I want to know why is that a spot...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / product price

muffinboy on Feb 12, 2019

Every time I go to kfc I want to get the $20 meal deal that is advertised on television and online. But every time I go they say it is $23.99 because they are a franchise restaurant. Aren't all kfc restaurants franchise? They say since they are a franchise, they can charge what they want...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / street wise 2

Kgaugelo Setati on Feb 12, 2019

I have been complaining i'm even tired but I want my money back.. Fix is the worst when it comes to customer service.. I ordered street wise box the r30 meal via drivethru... When I got to the last window they told me there are no wings. I asked them to get me street wise two instead... They...

Emplyees dont wear gloves / emplyees does not wear gloves

Jnv on Feb 11, 2019

Yesterday I wast at the mention location above in Hamilton -ON. I noticed that the employee was making the food and his hands was already injured and he was rapped them in plastic bandage. It was so discussing speciallly in front of the customers and it's not good for the person's health...

Taco Bell / cooking

Butchie Santos on Feb 11, 2019

Store #034163 Order# 130420 What happens the mess up - soft taco supreme add onion and they put smaller beef the bottom and no add tomato topping. - FORGOT bring 2 cinnamon twists - Nacho Fries HAS BEEN FROZEN I have 2 photos and send yelp The was wrong item and 2 miss cinnamon twist and...

Captain D's / unethical behavior

Sylvia Dunnavant Hines on Feb 11, 2019

Captain D's"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly." ― Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from the Birmingham Jail My Black History Month Message...

Chowking / unethical behaviour

Shawanz on Feb 10, 2019

January 30 at 1:25pm we went to chowking corner reposo st jp rizal makati branch to have our lunch with my brother, order was been process at 1:23pm basically food will be serve at around 10 to 15 minutes I believe that's the standard waiting time, its almost past 30 minutes but our food...