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Telecommunications Complaints

Maple Call / unknown company billing

Vasile Ioana on Feb 17, 2019

I receveid a bill from Maple Call in wich I have to pay for something that I never used, because I don't know who they are and for what I had to pay. There is 2 days that I try to call them but every time the robot say that my time is precious and because of the long time for wainting to...

Telkom SA SOC / bad service and Internet connection/speed and the lack there of.....

Werner Jansen on Feb 17, 2019

I have been having problems with my Internet speed for about a week now. Calling the customer care line does absolutely nothing. Either you wait for hours to talk to a consultant. If by some miracle someone actually answers the phone they can not help you and you are transfered to another...

Maple Call / Phone bill

Daniela Brinzoiu on Feb 16, 2019

I was with Necc call for my international calls in Romania. I got a bill from a new company- Maple Call- they are charging me fees that I never agreed to pay! I'm trying to call and they never answer! I want to cancel with them and I cannot as they won't answer! I have friends that...

Maple Call / Invoice for long distance phone

Florin Munteanu on Feb 16, 2019

Account nr.: [protected] I received in late January a call from the Maple Call Inc announcing that they have bought Necc telecom and the plan I had before with Necc rests unchanged. I received on the 15th of February 2019, an invoice for 2 month, released on January the 21st, for a total of...

Maple Call / Unethical behaviour

Gabriela Gabor on Feb 16, 2019

Please note I have got an invoice (Invoice #[protected]) from Maple Call Inc. I have never received a request not gave my consent to do business with this company. I tried to call at the number provided on the invoice, however there is only an automatic voice message that advises that due to a...

BIG NO: Connect Boardband for Purab Premium Apartments, Sec 88, Mohali / Broadband

olla_21 on Feb 16, 2019

Don't opt for connect broadband if you're resident of Purab Premium Apartments, Sec 88, Mohali. Pathetic service, most of the time there internet services are down. Lame Excuses by Connect Broadband Team that their DP's are broken, wire break due to construction etc. If you register any...

Maple Call / I Never gave any consents or subscribed for their services

Oti Lia on Feb 15, 2019

Never was a customer for maple call inc. and I never asked to be ! I Never gave any consents or subscribed for their services. Now they send me invoices for fake services?! More important detail is that calling [protected] leads you nowhere: an auto response message tells you to call...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / Internet Service

Ivy Joy on Feb 15, 2019

Internet always dropping out. Especially if i'm using it in Video Call. It will drop every few minutes then you will need to wait for another 4-5 minutes before it gets reconnected!!! I ALREADY CONTACTED YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE BUT NONE OF THM RESOLVE THE ISSUE. I WANTED TO GET OUT OF THE...

Maple Call / Long distance services

Elena Dragomir on Feb 15, 2019

I just received an statement for the company MapleCall (invoice number [protected] / [protected])saying that I owe for this company $9.18 $. I have not used for a very long time longdistance call and I don't undestend how can do that? Of course I do not pay, but I do not want to make a bad...

Yupptv / Subscription bought

Saad255396 on Feb 15, 2019

I bought yupp tv subscription about year ago.they charge me £120 for 14 months.but never provide me proper service.every other weekfacing new issue.piture quality issues.some channel not working every day.ewhen i ring them said problem fromdirect service provider.4 days back i report pitcure...

Maple Call / Never ever had a cxontract agreement with Maple Call Inc

Rasvan Sanda on Feb 15, 2019

Just received a bill from Maple Call Inc for $9.18 for a serviuce I did not sign for. I have been a customer of NECC Telecom but did not used their service in more than a year. The bill has no taxes accounts, has no phone numbre for where the service is rendered but is charging $7.98...

Maple Call / Long distance phone call

Marius Baciu on Feb 15, 2019

I don't know who is this company. I just received an invoice for December 2018 and January 2019. A had an agreement - contract with PulsTelecom Canada for long distance phone call. I tried to call Maple Call but no answer. The phone is busy all the time! My last bill is $55.19 I don't...

Maple Call / long distance calls

Adrian Dumitru on Feb 15, 2019

Maple CallI was a client of Pulse telecom, service that I have stoped using in August 2018. Now I received a bill in value of 9.18 from a company MappleCall for other fees and taxes. I did not agrered to change or to use any another long distance phone service company .I do not want to use thi...

Maple Call / Billing issues

Cornel Isaila on Feb 15, 2019

Hello, I have been for longtime a client of NECC telecom. I was using their long distances services. I found out by chance, only a few days ago, that NECC telecom was out of business. I called Maple Call during their business hours but there is only a robot announcing the hours of...

Vodacom / deals offered is not what you get / pay for

MBerkenbusch on Feb 15, 2019

Got a call from Vodacom offering a deal on a Samsung S9 with 200minutes, 200 sms's and 5G of data @ R599p/m. 1). No minutes were received 2). No data was received 3) Monthly installment is over R800! You keep on logging calls and calls, they will escalate etc. etc. etc. and eventually...

Vodacom / fraudulent contract

Thereasa Julius on Feb 15, 2019

I have been desperately trying to get Vodacom to give me feedback on a contract that was illegally taken out on my name in December 2018. A handset was signed for which I did not receive or sign for. The phone was delivered to another province as per call Centre agent. Never before have I...

Telkom SA SOC / bob naidoo store manager

Arnold Green on Feb 15, 2019

Your store manager bob naidoo at telkom store diamond pavilion kimberley has chased my wife out the store like a dog after 2 days and still no resolve to our issues and service. I have since put a request to cancel all my telkom services my wife is nobody's dog and I will personally shoot...

Telkom SA SOC / cancellations not taken seriously

CL Stephenson on Feb 15, 2019

This is my email correspondence to Aretha (Telkom agent)... I cannot upload the Docs mentioned below as they are in PDF Format and the belwo link reads: "Photo format is not recognized. Allowed formats: JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP." Good morning Aretha, Please find attached an Invoice I received...

Telkom SA SOC / fibre to home and account billing

Yasaar Timms Goliath on Feb 15, 2019

Good morning Can someone please explain how you suspended our service for non payment on the same day you send us an invoice confirming our payment and that the next debit will be next month? This after we upgraded to Fibre nearly a month ago. We have your router laying here gathering dust...

Red ONE Network / service rendered by staff name meera

Emmanuel Albert on Feb 15, 2019

I called to discuss about the payment. My overdue is RM64 and I want to pay the RM64 and request assistance to activate my line. But rudely saying that I need to settle the whole outstanding amount. There is no salvage done when I said I wanted to terminate the line since there is no...