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Gas Stations Complaints

Sheetz / food

Judge4983 on Feb 14, 2019

SheetzI ordered a bacon platter. No eggs. Just bacon and tator tots. It was all shaken up, in the pic I moved it around. But literally had 2-3 shredded pieces of bacon not even one whole piece mixed on with some eggs felt super hard and tasted like plastic or not even cooked. For $7!!! I have...

Esso / gasoline price

Richard Fyck on Feb 12, 2019

They had run out of regular gas (feb.12 2019) on a very wintery day (all schools cancelled etc.) but refused to offer any other grades at regular price.. I asked inside and they said esso is the only one that will not offer the new price. Every person there was complaining and said that...

Speedway / marlboro

Any Francis on Feb 10, 2019

I buy my Redbull my soda and my Marlboro's at Speedway as always. I did go to the speedway when I usually go to the one up the street we also always buy our gas at speedway!! I ask for Marlboro light and a Marlboro red. I get home 7 miles up the road and realize that the wrong cigarette...

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company [ADNOC] / bad behaviour from one of your employee

nesrin abo elros on Feb 8, 2019

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company [ADNOC]Dear Sir, I am Dr.Nesrin El Mligy, was badly treated from one of your employee his name is Shaheer, who works in Um Al qawin branch. This happens on 09 Feb 2019 on 8:35 am when i was fueling my car and i receive an important call from one of my patients and he suddenly come and close the...

Sheetz / gas station video advertising at gas pump

Kayla Rambo on Feb 8, 2019

I purposely avoid this sheetz because of the loud video ads playing while I attempt to pump gas. As a migraine sufferer, sound can be a trigger, especially if one cannot control the volume intensity. There is no turn off option and I think that should be offered for those affected by...

Domo Gasoline / ab

Ratinder sandhu on Feb 7, 2019

Me and my family went to domo just 30 mins (feb 7, 2019) agoarount 8:10pm on ne castleridge location. I was out of gas after wait of 15-20 mins the car in front of me moved but it stop on the second pump but he can go to the one in front of hi. So I below the horn just to ask him to move...

Marlboro / marlboro menthol black 100s

Brath SkateGear on Feb 7, 2019

Every pack we buy now has marb menthol 100s in it, not menthol blacks. They are terrible. This has been going on for over 2 weeks. What's the deal? Qe spend good money every day to get a specific brand and now we cant even do that. This is very disappointing. Please fix this as I dont...

Racetrac / having to go inside to pump gas

Larry Bartlett on Feb 6, 2019

This RaceTrac station/store is in my neighborhood and I brought two cars in for gas this evening. The pump would not accept my rewards phone number. I entered my home number the first time, when the actual rewards account is tied to my cell phone number. Had to go inside the store each...

Caltex / lpg

docrod on Feb 4, 2019

I would like to know why your lpg is 89.9 cpl at most outlets near Noarlunga but 75.9 closer to the city. some of your opposition are selling for 63 cpl. i have shopped at Woolworths for years but i will be if this is how you treat customers. if its the service stations that are the...

Sheetz / car wash

Kim Rickard on Feb 4, 2019

SheetzI waited in line 45 minutes to wash my car. When it was my turn, I swiped my card and chose the $7 Shiny wash option. It said my receipt was printing but nothing came out. When I was told the wash was available, I pulled forward, but the door didn't open. The automated voice kept saying to...

Marlboro / marlboro black 100’s

Zowie Lynn Bradburn on Feb 4, 2019

I went to buy Marlboro Black 100's this morning at the speedway in Eaton Ohio and I opened my pack and they were special blend 100's. I know I bought the right pack because it was a black 100's pack. But the cigarettes in the pack weren't correct. I know the difference from the two golden...

Esso / for my pay

Jashandeep Singh on Feb 3, 2019

EssoHi, I am an employee at the above mentioned gas station. My employer made me pay 124.76 dollars for the mistake of a customer in which I have nothing much to do about in that. The customer pumped diesel at pump# 13 and came to me telling that he pumped diesel at pump# 11 and I asked him 3...

Lulu Hypermarket / LuLu Group International / service person in lulu petrol station, naim

Dileepdinesh on Feb 3, 2019

Today (03.02.2019) We went and told the guy very clearly as 3 dinar Jayid. He put the gun and went. After a while when we noticed, it crossed 3 dinar. So immediately we called the guy and asked. Then he started saying you guys told to fill the tank. Thereafter he started abusing with utter...

Speedway / cashier

SpeedwayKass on Feb 2, 2019

I went to speedway for windshield washer fluid. & as I'm standing in line to check out two of the cashiers were restocking their coin dispenser & when they came to realize they were out of change.. instead of going to the back for more quarters, nickels, dimes, etc they grabbed the charity...

Speedway Gas Station / customer service person / store maintenance

NoNonsenseKay on Jan 30, 2019

Visited this location Monday, January 28, 2019 just at approximately 3:45pm. There were two cashiers present behind the glass/counter - one of which had just come in from outside (red braids). The other female cashier was behind the counter on her phone. The store was a MESS!!! Sopping wet...

CITGO Petroleum Corporation / person mya powers

Megan Wilness on Jan 30, 2019

I am an ex employee at this Citgo, and since then I have been let go. Since I've been let go a lot of my old customers whom I have ran in to have said my old boss has stated to many people reason why I am no longer an employee. Reasons include stealing, cash and products. All of which are...

Petro Canada / customer service

Lgianne on Jan 29, 2019

Monday Jan 28th 2019- my car broke down at this gas station at approximately 7:30am. I could not start it or do anything with it. Out of courtesy I told the lady in the kiosk that my car had broken down and that it is parked just at the side of the kiosk not at a pump. She proceeded to act...

Canadian Tire / the service

H-H-h on Jan 28, 2019

I purchased gas for my car + car wash from this canadian tire (#1117) on january 27th 2019 at 2:31pm and spent 50.91$ and I normally go to this gas station for my car wash + gas same time and never had an issue and I didn't realize that I didn't have my stamp card with me when I get my car...

Esso / unethical behavior

Lesley Hughes on Jan 28, 2019

Jan 25, 2019 I prepaid $40.00 of gas inside. Came out to my car, took a phone call and then ended up driving away forgetting to pump my gas. Once I reached home, I called and explained what happened, the worker (who I found out today was the manager) said there is nothing that can be done...

Robertsdale Chevron / marlboro black menthol short and 100

Danyell Torres on Jan 28, 2019

I am the manager at a gas station in robertsdale Al robertsdale Chevron I have had many many compliments about the Marlboro menthol black short and 100 the cigarettes that are in these packs are not menthol black they are Marlboro menthol so I haeb had to give a lot of customers there...