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Credit Report Websites Complaints | Page 9

Game Stores South Africa / / my account

fr4nk13 on Dec 13, 2017

Morning, , on the 12 November, i went to Game stores N1 City, where i had made a perches of +-R70 at the same time "i left my card at game stores N1 city" or should i say that the cashier never gave me back my card.. I had received a call minutes later from game N1 city, that i had left my... / withdrawal transaction issue | additional money taken issue

Wasimraja on Dec 12, 2017

BAD experience : I dont know when they will fix this. Im fed up trying to reach you. My name is Wasim Raja ID : up110524364 Issue 1 : I tried to complete a withdrawal transaction 6 days before and i did not get the money. here is the screen shot . Please kindly find the below...

Famous Birthdays / celebrity birthdays

angela54321 on Dec 12, 2017 is a website which strives to provide you all the important information about your favourite celebrity. From birthdays to career details, the website presents the summary of the life history of your most loved stars. CelebrityBorn.Com ensures that all information about...

Score Sence / credit reporting protection

Patricia A Cox on Dec 10, 2017

I've canceled the service four times and they will not stop taking out money. I also changed my card number and they still found away to take it out. I've filed out reports talked to three different people on this and they keep telling me it's been canceled. Please if you are reading thi...

Lumineux Cream Use For Global Skins /

Dunlapjeky on Dec 5, 2017

lumineux cream use for Global Skins been genuinely aggravated Along with the glance of All Individuals unsightly indications of expanding outdated current ideal down below your eye location and on The entire encounter?Lumineux Solution If Absolutely, then this evaluation will certainly...

Academy / Academy Sports And Outdoors / check being declined

Kay Howell on Dec 3, 2017

I was in Academy doing Christmas shopping and did a debit and it went through fine for $85.18...two days later I was in the store again doing Christmas shopping and wrote a check for $43.99 and it was declined...WHY and whats the matter??? I have written checks all over town while doing... / membership scam

Andrey Chetvertakov on Dec 1, 2017

ClickYourScores.comDon't do any business with them!!! First it seems like they ask you to pay only $1 BUT they will charge your card next week for 39.90!!! So you get an impression that first time using their services is 1 dollar and they never warn you about next week charge for membership and no way you...

Why Not Lease It / washer

Rachelle A on Nov 29, 2017

I had worked with this company a couple years back when I got a bed from sears. I loved it yes you pay a little over the price but it wasn't by a lot. When the lease agreement was at the last payment they contacted me out and advise on my two options either to stay leasing or buy out. Of...

Intelius / intelius removed money from my bank account without my explicit knowledge or permission.

Gordon Cross on Nov 27, 2017

Intelius removed money from my bank account without my explicit knowledge or permission. · there were absolutely no service or product rendered in exchange for the money intelius removed from my account. · after contacting intelius several time to explain the details, intelius terms of...

Pass Program / Fraud

Gilberto M Gonzalez on Nov 22, 2017

Company call me informing that the tree Credit Bureaus were reporting I have a bad credit. His name Eulises Flores. This is a fraud since my credit at the bureaus is excellent. I call back to the phone number in my cell phone and a recording from the carrier "the number you dial can not be...

Equifax / equifax representative unlocked my account without asking for pin #

JacqueJ. on Nov 20, 2017

I had to unlock my Equifax freeze so I could set up an account with Verizon. I called Equifax and was connected to someone that I could not understand. After multiple attempts to give my name, address, phone number, and social security (one hour later), she said my credit freeze wa...

Princess Cruises / complain for air sale!!! on your website

Claude Letourneau on Nov 19, 2017

Princess CruisesHello, on the night of November 16, 2017, around 3:30am atlantic time, we booked the 5 nights western cruise #VTCV9D including a $240 discount on flight uf booked at same time(on your ad on your website) photos in attachment . Before booking the cruise, we checked how much the flight will...

SheInside / two jumpers I have received

Dianne Grogan on Nov 14, 2017

My name is Dianne Grogan [email protected] I have received two substandard jumpers from your company. I want my money back. Your photographer seems to be doing a great job however your clothes are not up to my standard. Nor anyone I would know. Very poor quality it is a joke. I...

Empowr / $30.00 refund

Shella Marrie on Nov 10, 2017

I need my refund back..its hard for me to earn money a parent of 2kids.. Please how and when can i get my refund money..for god sake..send my refund money right away..u said ur going to refund it right away..but untill now..its been 12hours..i havent get it back still..please do...

OTL Scoresense / otl scoresense

Twila Blackowiak on Nov 6, 2017

OTL Scoresense took out $1.00 from my checking account on 2/7/2014. Then they withdrew $29.95 for every month after that until I cancelled "my account" ([protected]), on October 30th. I have lost $988.35., Used my debit card for the withdrawals. I never signed up for this service as I... / credit monitoring services

S Jaivee Venzon on Nov 5, 2017

I never authorized a monthly membership. I received an email from that something unusual appeared on my credit report. I clicked on a link that asked to update/verify my address and asked questions that only I would know the answer. I presumed my credit report was being...

Hyundai Motor America / ruining credit for a 2011 trade in for 2013 sante fe

AuntTT on Nov 2, 2017

I have been fighting with Hyundai Motor Finance, Hyundai Dealership on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn for almost 3 years. I traded in my 2011 Sonata for a 2013 Santa FE. Hyundai Dealership was picking up the remaining 5 payments. They only paid 2 of those five payments. They are now blaming...

TapJoy / didn't get answer on my report

Sead Puran on Nov 2, 2017

TapJoyHi I got offer on aplications find asimov and its lord mobile to upgrade castle to level 11 i finished that but never get credits then i wait and then I send report and screenshots but never get answer and my credits my mail is [email protected] I send 3 mails but without succes becausebi never get answer or any credits please help me with this

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / missing part of order

Shawnese Laffoday on Oct 30, 2017

On sunday, at around 7:00, my husband placed an order for 2 lettuce wrapped 1/2 pound thickburger, both well done and one without onion! He also ordered a $5 box with a burger (Well done, no pickle) and onion rings special box. He also ordered a side of fried zucchini. He waited a good... / credit reporting

basslakeview on Oct 25, 2017

I signed up for a 7 day free trial for Amidst my emotional life since my only child and husband's death, my memory isn't what it used to be. I called to cancel when I noticed the second $39.95 deduction was taken from my account. I had never used this website. The man on the...